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  • 29 August 2023
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Hello - We had setup Forward to Proxy integrations, does advance analytics capture data with respective to action = "Forward to Proxy"? If not, how do I get to see page events with action set to Forward to Proxy.



Best answer by sshiflett 30 August 2023, 16:45

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4 replies

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Looking at my logs in my CLS, the only place I see logs related to "Forward to Proxy" is in the connection logs. 

@ematchey@sshiflett  : These aren't exposed in AA, are they?

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I believe Forward to Proxy Events are included in Page Events and there is a Dimension in Advanced Analytics for this called "Forward to Proxy Profile" 

I have not personally used/tested this so please try it out and let me know if that doesn't work.   As @qyost  mentioned, they are also available in Transaction Events (Connection) as well which you may have in Advanced Analytics as well depending on your Netskope licensing. 


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@sshiflett - Thank you, this is helpful.

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Curious that there are both netskope:connection and netskope:transaction events in our CLS.   Both are part of Transaction Events in AA?