Identify Office Locations by Source IP Addresses

  • 20 November 2023
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Identify Office Locations by Source IP Addresses
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This dashboard helps you understand if individuals in your organization are working at the assigned office locations by converting Source IP Addresses to Office Locations. 


Let's take a look at a sample use case. When doing budget planning for next year, Netskope wants to understand how many of their employees are working at the office on a weekly basis. Source IP is a good starting point, but Netskope is looking for a better view into the exact "office name" for each IP. This dashboard can help!


In the edit mode of the first widget "User Source Locations," we can find the custom dimension "Office Location" by expanding the "Custom Fields" section on the left hand side.


This custom dimension converts Source IP to the corresponding Office Location. By clicking "Edit," we will then be able to further customize it based on our needs. 


Here, we have Source IP = with the corresponding Office Location = STL Office. In this case, if Aaron generated events from this Source IP last Tue, that means he was working at the STL Office on that day. The widget will then display the exact office name "STL Office" instead of the Source IP "" 


A template of this custom dimension is provided in the dashboard. Feel free to further customize it based on your use cases. Don't forget that you can schedule this dashboard to be delivered on a weekly basis. Check here for instructions on how to do this.


The dashboard is attached below. Feel free to import and view it in your own environment. Let us know if you have any questions!




1 reply

Is there a way to change “remote” to show the region or location that is associated with the source IP address? 


Our HR department would like to use Netskope to assist in identifying where users are logging in from in the world. We have a number of offices, but a large remote workforce as well. 


Thanks, and have a great day!