UEBA Dashboard

  • 19 April 2023
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UEBA/UBA policies and alerts help you flag anomalous and/or suspicious user behavior in your environment. The dashboard below helps you get visibility into this behavior. 


High level counts give you a sense for the number of apps, users and total alerts: 


Understand top UEBA policies: 

Top Users triggering UEBA: 

Trend over time: 



And more: 


3 replies

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How do we get UEBA/DEM/Adv Analytics enabled on demo tenant?

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@sumit_infotrust Should be doable, if it's not already enabled. Let me message you directly. 

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HI @ematchey Can we talk on DM. We are interested in showcasing the adv capabilities of Analytics/DEM/UEBA to our customers. 

I am pretty sure that DEM is not enabled in our environment and or customers. 


Also, would like to learn more about SD-WAN and your new on-prem connectors for the connectivity to public Private cloud, etc.