Avoiding common issues to populate the Generative AI Dashboard

  • 15 June 2023
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Avoiding common issues to populate the Generative AI Dashboard
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The article provides a checklist of common dependencies and issues to avoid while populating the Generative AI dashboard.


Checklist to avoid common issues while populating the Generative AI dashboard

  • Do the systems have an active access method?
    • Client
    • Tunnel
    • Etc.
  • Are users actively steering the traffic?
    • SWG Steering
      • It is important to ensure that the “Generative AI” Category is not in the steering exceptions
    • CASB Steering
      • If you are in; "Traffic Steering: Cloud Apps Only" we will need to explicitly steer the default steerable applications
        • Select the steering configuration at https://<tenant_name>.goskope.com/ns#/settings?view=steering_config
        • Select "Add Steered Item"
        • Select "Generative AI" in the category selection drop down and then select all of the Generative AI applications you desire to gain visibility and control on. 
          • Please note: Bing.AI is part of "Microsoft Bing" and will need to also be added to steering explicitly.
  • Are you SSL Decrypting the traffic?
  • Do you have IPS enabled in your tenant? 
  • Are you attempting to apply Bing.AI controls?


If you would like to better understand the key dependencies of gaining visibility and control of traffic through Netskope we have prepared a training that covers;

  • Introduction: “What are SSE and SASE?” ~ 3 minutes
  • Part-1: SASE/SSE Explained ~ 10 minutes
  • Part-2: Netskope Context & Where do we start? ~ 10 minutes
  • Part-3: Netskope NewEdge ~ 10 minutes
  • Part-4: Working with Netskope ~ 3 minutes

Netskope Fundamentals

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Excellent article, @jforrest 
Netskope can protect against any risk only if traffic is steered through Netskope