Change Time Format to 00:00:00

  • 17 August 2023
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Change Time Format to 00:00:00
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Are you bored of reporting time with "hours," "minutes," and "seconds" in Advanced Analytics? Are you looking for a cool and efficient way to report time like an F1 driver? This post can help!


Let's start with an example. Netskope wants to report the connection duration of each application. A traditional way is to use the "Connection Duration" field, which will return connection duration in seconds. For instance, if a session is connected at 9:00 AM and disconnected at 10:30 AM, the result would be "5,400 seconds." 


Now, Netskope wants to report the connection duration in a different format "00:00:00." To make this happen, all we need to do is just applying the custom field below:

This field will convert the original result "5,400 seconds" to "1:30:00 (1 hour, 30 minutes, 0 seconds)," which provides a more visualized way to report time.

The dashboard has been attached below. Feel free to download and import it into your own environment for more details.


1 reply

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This is a requirement that has been requested very frequently, and that is very useful to have a more adequate reading of the reports. It is seen that many things can be achieved with NAA. The advantages of using expressions to create more attractive and digestible reports cannot be underestimated. Thanks Team!