Cloud Exchange Logshipper Syslog integration with Darktrace?

  • 20 February 2024
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Has anyone had any luck with Syslog integration from Cloud Exchange into Darktrace?

Darktrace describes the expected format like this:

Darktrace expects the Netskope Web Gateway data to include the string "darktrace_netskope" followed by a JSON formatted representation of the Netskope logging. The order of fields within the JSON is not important. For example: darktrace_netskope {"src_time": "Fri Jan 1 00:10:00 2021","userkey": "","dst_region": "Region","category": "Business","src_longitude": 52.2,"transaction_id": 0,"ur_normalized": "","src_latitude": 0.12,"dst_longitude": 52.2,"domain": "","dst_zipcode": "555555","access_method": "Client","src_timezone": "Global/UTC","ccl": "unknown","bypass_reason": "SSL policy matched","user_generated": "yes","dst_country": "ZZ","srcip": "","site": "example","traffic_type": "Web","src_region": "Region","user": "","appcategory": "Business","page_id": 0,"insertion_epoch_timestamp": 1604614281,"bypass_traffic": "yes","dst_location": "Region","count": 1,"src_location": "Location","url": "","src_country": "ZZ","internal_id": "21c3e4368567eae234d211de","dst_latitude": 0.12,"dst_timezone": "Global/UTC","policy": "Bypass","type": "page","ssl_decrypt_policy": "yes","src_zipcode": "555555","dstip": "","timestamp": 1604614213,"page": "www.example.or","dstport": 443,"userip": "","organization_unit": ""}


I have managed to use the Syslog plugin in Cloud Exchange to send the raw JSON files, by disabling the CEF mapping, but by doing that I loose the Log Source Identifier “darktrace_netskope” which I have configured, and Darktrace doesn’t pickup the logs.

3 replies

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Oh no. Let me see what I can do to fix that. 

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I created a ticket to get this fix. BCE-1108 for tracking. I hope for it to be a quick fix. 

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This has been released into beta. Use the 3.2.0 Syslog beta plugin. Here is how to add the beta repo to your cloud exchange -