possible to DLP block PII sent via OneDrive or Gdrive app?

  • 21 November 2023
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Dear community,

I am working with SWG and DLP to avoid users uploading sensitive content on corporate Onedrive.

All the client has netskope client enabled and everybody run win10.

I successfully managed to avoid users to upload on Onedrive via web a sensitive files, due to match with DLP policy, but the same user, while using Onedrive app just receives a warning.

Basically, when the user upload the PII file is warned by the netskope client and it is also blocked,  when the same file is copy/pasted in the shared onedrive folder, it is only warned, but the action has success.

Is that a limitation or are there some configuration part which I am missing?

the client configuration is steering everything and the exception part is by default.




2 replies

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Can you put a screenshot of your policy, I would need to see how you have the policy configured.  You can block out the users field.  

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To detect data movement between SaaS applications, you possibly need CASB Inline license.