Questions on MIP Labelleling for One Drive

  • 16 August 2023
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I have a few questions related to Netksope MIP integration. I looked around but did not get any concrete answers. 

  1. Does Netskope require the customer to provision an Azure subscription or similar services when applying MIP labels to OneDrive files?  From what i understand , we only need the M365 licence ? 
  2. Is the timestamp of a OneDrive file altered when Netskope applies a label? - This is important for our org to ensure that we dont modify the file timestamp. 
  3. Is Netskope's file labeling service charged separately, or is it included with the standard Office 365 protection license? - I'm guessing there is no extra charge. 
  4. Are there any restrictions on the number of files that can be labeled within a specific period by Netskope? - This is something our security team is asking and would love to know if there are any known limitations 

1 reply

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If you are able to see IRM integration under Settings > Manage > IRM integration you should be able to  integrate the labeling. If its not present please contact your Sales team. Netskope does not .  Microsoft Azure Information Protect or IRM . Please check with Microsoft for the same.


Labels are only applied to file metadata. Having said that I would think that modified stamp will be updated.


Some doc references that will clarify usecases.