Single Sing ON - SSO - UI with SAML Azure-AD

  • 15 February 2023
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Single Sing On - SSO Tenant UI with SAML Azure-AD


Hello community Netskope, good afternoon.


As always thanks for the support and collaboration.


I have the following problem, I am configuring SSO for Netskope Tenant UI, to use Azure-AD credentials from Office 365.


Guided by this Doc/Links:

Now I configure everything, everything seems to be OK, but I get the following error when trying to login to the Tenant:


- "We seem to have hit a problem.
Error Code: General Error
Error: Failed to get SAML IdP Certificate!"- -


Is this something related to the Partner Tenant we have ? any particular step ?


If I go to the Seetings- Administration - SSO - Netskope Settings section:

Netskope SAML Certificate: "DOWNLOAD" IF I put Download it downloads the certificate, but if I put PREVIEW it comes out with a similar error: Loading---Loading---- And it says "Failed to get SAML IdP Certificate". That makes me curious...


Is it something similar? Is there any error with the platform ? I went through the procedure step by step 3 times and same error.


I remain attentive to your comments, suggestions, advice, etc.


Thanks for your help and colaboration


Best regards

1 reply

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This appears to me that best way here is to open a support case.