bypassAppMgr Blocking UDP against Exception specified IP

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Kindly advise me that we set "Exceptions" registration on certain IP,

and the bypass setting seems working on TCP request, but UDP ones are blocked as below.


[log said:]

bypassAppMgrUDP.cpp:219 BypassAppMgr Blocking UDP connection from process: google chrome helper, dest IP:xx.xx.xx.xx(we set one on Exceptions)
Do we need another setting on UDP?
kindly advise me!

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Hello @mochi. What port is this traffic on?  Also, just to confirm, the exception you added was an IP based exception?  If so, can you also ensure the "Treat like local IP" is checked on the steering configuration?



I saw that behavior few weeks ago. It should only occur on UDP/443 (quic protocol). The client blocks those UDP/443 flows to avoid the client/app evading the security controls and inspection. Here Chrome should fall back to regular HTTPS TCP/443


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Hello @sshiflett 

Thanks for your reply!

The port is 443 and I was add IP base exception (public IP address).


I'm afraid that I couldn't grasp why we need to check "Treat like local IP address" against public IP address based exception.

Do you think we should check it?


Appreciate your help.




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Thanks  !


Good point that I did not check if our Chrome was fall back to regular TCP 443 using.

I will check it! 


Thanks again!!