Client deployment on MAC via sure MDM (42 gears)

  • 26 October 2023
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How can I deploy clients on Mac devices using Sure MDM? I looked for documentation but didn’t find any.

1 reply

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Hello @akashsaxena ,


I'm not aware of any product specific deployment instructions for 42 gears but in general it should be similar to other MDMs like Intune.  In general, Mac deployment of the Netskope agent involves:

  • System Extensions
  • Certificate Installation
  • MDM Script (including appropriate parameters)
  • VPN 
  • Full Disk Access (Sonoma and above)
  • Netskope App Installation

I looked through 42 Gears and it appears they support many of these profiles/configurations such as running the script or privacy preferences. You may need to contact them for support on a few items such as the Network Extension approval as I couldn't find much on their public documentation on that.