Control download activity for Github application

  • 31 October 2023
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I am facing some issues  with Git-hub download activity control

Checking here if anyone have an experience who can put some light and help to find solution


Our requirement for Git-hub realtime protection is :-

User allow to view any files (any file type)

User allow to click on “Raw” and view the details of that file

When user click on ‘Download”, this activity should get blocked.


Issue :-

When user click on ‘Raw”, it is showing activity Download in the Netskope logs and getting blocked.


I have checked the logs for both the activities ( when click on Raw Data or  Click on Download ) showing as Download.


Any way we can only block the actual download action ( not when users are clicking on Raw data).


Thank you in advance.

Kunal Gandhi

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I think the problem is that if you view the file as raw, you can simply use your browser's file menu to "save as" and you've downloaded the file.  No need to click on a button.  The browser already has a copy of the file in it's original format and can save it.