Enforce policies and configuration changes

  • 24 May 2022
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when I modify a policy or configuration change it takes a long time to apply the changes and I have to force the client to apply them (deactivating and activating) does anyone know another way to apply them automatically?


attached client screenshot after adding an exception in Security Cloud Platform > Traffic Steering

7 replies

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Thank you for reaching out, @acalero! Our community team is looking for a solution for you and will get back to you shortly! If any community members know a solution, please feel free to respond in this thread.

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@acalero  - I believe the Netskope Client will check and apply updates every 60 minutes.  I'm unaware of a place to change that (in tenant).  However, if you look at the nsconfig.json that is in the parent folder of Netskope Install directory, you should see the configuration setting in there similar to this:


configUpdate": { "updateIntervalInMin": "60" },


I do wish there was a way to force an update for every client, adhoc.  


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Our clients do generally auto update relatively fast but we also would really love to see a way to trigger an update manually on all clients at once. Or at least a setting in the cloud console so that the refresh time could be changed

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The default wait time is up to 60 mins depending on when the last time the client checked in for an update but max time is 60 mins. However, you can manually force an agent to update. Currently, we do not have an ability to mass update clients. 



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Is there a command that can be run locally on a client in powershell / CMD that will trigger a policy update check? Basically I am thinking that (if necessary) we could implement some kind of script or other custom push to trigger clients to do so.

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C:Program Files (x86) etskopestagent sdiag.exe -u