Facing User Issues while steering Web Conferencing Apps?

  • 17 October 2023
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  • The majority of performance related issues faced while attempting to leverage Netskope for visibility and control on conferencing apps is root caused to improper configuration of the web conferencing app best practices associated with the UDP traffic.


  • Why:
    • UDP protocol is best suited for real time audio and video traffic
    • If customer has not enabled the necessary UDP ports when on premises, real time traffic will fallback to TCP and steered through Netskope
    • Using TCP in a near congested network will cause retransmissions, which in turn can create a choppy video or low bandwidth error experience. UDP does not retransmit, and will provide a better video experience.”
  • How: Please ensure you have opened/sent direct the necessary UDP ports for the below apps:
    • If that connection can not be established, Zoom will also try connecting using TCP on port 8801, followed by SSL (port 443).
    • Microsoft Teams: UDP port 3478 to 3481 (see article for details)
    • Google Meet: set up outbound UDP ports 19302​ to 19309
    • Zoom: UDP port 8801
    • Webex: UDP port 9000 (remember that Webex traffic is by default bypassed in Netskope steering config)

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