Google Docs Latency and Loading Issues

Has anybody else observed latency and loading issues with Google Docs for Mac/Chrome users who are accessing them via the Netskope Client via the SWG? We're seeing sporadic behavior where documents shared with users will take 3-7 minutes to load, comments will fail to post, and sometimes pages just age out. This is not isolated to a specific region or POP, but disabling the Netskope client immediately resolves the issue. 


It's become enough of a problem that we are considering putting in an ssl decryption or steering exception for Google Docs. This behavior will manifest for several hours, go away, and then reappear. Just curious if anyone else has seen it and/or has any suggestions on any potential fixes. 

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No, that hasn't been a report within my organization.  We have endorsed Google instance, and a low % of people with total Google Drive instance access, so we are evaluating each click.


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No, this is not a known/reported issue - I'd suggest open a support ticket with HAR files so that support analyzes the HTTP calls associated with the 'slowness' and investigate.. Also, ensure that you're using the latest and greatest version of the mac client (considering the updates post macOS 13.4) and the latest chrome (114.x) ..