How to BLOCK non-tenant M365

  • 7 February 2024
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User can only access corporate M365 tenant. To prevent data leakage,  we will like to block M365 non-tenant access such onedrive, sharepoint, email, etc?  

How can I do config it?




3 replies

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There are 3 options you can use.

  1. Constraint Profile: You can restrict only company email domain to the company M365 instance.
  2. Instance profile: Netskope detects instance IDs from M365. You can define the instance names to allow the corporate tenant.
  3. Header Insertion: You can also define key-values for M365 tenant.

Hi Ejang



In our current legacy proxy, we have configured based on Microsoft recommendation to use Header insertion

Use tenant restrictions to manage access to SaaS apps - Microsoft Entra ID | Microsoft Learn


We have below configured in our legacy proxy.


If the request matches any host, it will first remove all "Restrict-Access-To-Tenants and  Restrict-Access-Context" headers.  Then add our tenant header only.

Host :


Header Remove All header name :
> Restrict-Access-To-Tenants
> Restrict-Access-Context


Header Add :
> Restrict-Access-To-Tenants = <my tenant name>
> Restrict-Access-Context = < my tenanbt id>


This is to restrict consumer login.  If matches, add the header "sec-Restrict-Tenant-Access-Policy = restrict-msa"


Host :


Header Add:
> sec-Restrict-Tenant-Access-Policy = restrict-msa




May you show if the above possible to configure?




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You should create another header insertion policy for Microsoft Live Accounts as belongs to Microsoft Live Accounts app.



Please also refer to: Enforcing Microsoft Tenant

I recommend the constraint or app instance profile because it's easy to configure.