Netskope Client and Arch Linux

  • 17 October 2023
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Hi Folks,

I have an Arch Linux device which we would like to get behind Netskope. The OS on this device can't be changed and while I am thinking we could take a few different options I thought I would have a crack at convincing the Netskope Client to work.

It installs and enrols just fine, however, once running there seems to be an issue between the client and the stAgentSvc. The `nsclient` command will report unable to connect to service. Diving a little deeper with `strace` and I can see a connection reviews to the UNIX socket `~/.netskope/stagent/apps`, which would indicate the stAgentSvc is not in a good state.

I have not been able to identify where or what might be the cause of stAgentSvc not working - despite a fair chunk of reviewing debug logs and strace output.


Has anyone come across this problem on a Linux device before and resolved it?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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