Netskope client dropping connection on Mac when idle / sleeping

Hi, i am having an issue on mac devices.


When i am away from my device for a period of time (normally an hour) i will have to re authenticate via OKTA to outlook and teams, i have worked out this is because my netskope client is somehow dropping connection and as a result im coming from my home IP address which isnt allowed on the Microsoft end.


Has anyone else noticed this behaviour, i have seen a battery setting on the Mac that i think will fix it but i just wondered if this was common.

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Here are a couple of questions to gain a better understanding of the situation:

  1. Do you find it necessary to log in again to your computer when you return to work after an hour?
  2. What version of the Netskope client are you currently using?

Referring to your statement: "I have seen a battery setting on the Mac that I think will fix it," could you provide further details about this setting?

Just to provide context, the Netskope client enters a disabled mode when the laptop goes into sleep mode.

Hi, yes i have to log in after my mac has gone to sleep

I am using Netskope Client version

The issue is with Netskope dropping connection when the mac goes to sleep mode and then background connectivity to Teams and Outlook is broken as we require users to come from a known IP address which in this case is Netskope.

The setting that fixes it to some extent is 

Settings > Battery > Options > Prevent automatic sleeping on power adaptor when the display is off

This seems to fix the issue when the mac goes idle however if i manually put it into sleep mode i still have the problem

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This behavior is expected because the Netskope services will not be running when the MAC enters sleep mode.

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Update to 114 asap. We helped Netskope diagnose/find a handful of NSClient bugs that were addressed in 114 related to MacOS - specifically around coming out of hibernation/sleep. It also extends a bit further beyond just sleep mode. It addresses a good deal of MacOS losing network connectivity to networks due to a race condition. 

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@nduda , Agreed.

There have been some enhancements in R114. If you encounter complaints from Mac users regarding the Netskope client taking an extended period to enter enabled mode after coming out of sleep mode, these improvements may address this issue.