SWG Slow Download/Upload Speeds

  • 22 April 2023
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Has anyone experienced slow download/upload speeds when implementing SWG? It appears to be with large image files. When the Netskope client is disabled, the download speeds are much faster.

5 replies

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I tell my users and IT staff that speed tests are never a good test from a Netskope enabled client. Getting line speed with Netskope won’t be possible. There is so much that goes on between actually producing the data to a cloud-based service and SSL decryption that you will always be “slower” with speed tests.

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Thanks for the update.
Should I turn off SSL decryption for sites with slow download speeds? We just turned on SWG for over 10,000 users. It's been interesting and fun.:) We have resolved many issues between creating bypasses and SSL decryption for sites like Microsoft Dynamics.


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That’s a decision you and the business need to decide. Turning off SSL decryption will prevent the ability to inspect the traffic, look for malware, perform DLP (if casb was purchased) and a whole bunch of other protections and options. 

For us we go the other way. We SSL decrypt nearly everything and use exceptions in rare cases, like CPA’s. CPA’s really allow us to get granular in what we exempt from steering. 

Other than speed test websites (again, not reliable with a SWG) are you experiencing observable issues? Like is a file taking 5x longer to download/upload? That shouldn’t be the case. I think for a business it’s accepted that an employees browsing experience might be a little slower (at the benefit of protecting all your company data). 

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I have IT users that need to download large images ISO files from Microsoft’s sites. The files can be 6 to 10 GB in size. The download speeds are below.




Download Speeds:

  1. Netskope Client Enabled 2MB/s
  2. Netskope Client Disabled 30MB/s


Due to this being a trusted site, my initial thought is to turn off SSL decryption. I’m sure this is impacting the download speeds.

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Is anyone else having performance issue with SWG? I just want to make sure I'm not alone 🙂