Use Cases For Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)

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In case you weren't aware, Netskope has been supporting RBI for several months now.  With RBI, risky web pages are rendered in a remote browser and only the pixels (not the potentially malicious code) are sent down to the user's browser.  I've deployed this recently with a few of my customers and great use cases have surfaced.  RBI automatically prevents downloads/uploads from risky sites.  This allows users to browse sites but prevents potentially malicious downloads.  The second use case comes into play when Uncategorized websites are sent to RBI.  You may have a newly registered domain for an app like  If you are blocking the Uncategorized category, users will most likely open up support tickets and the site will need to be whitelisted.  With RBI, users will still be able to see those sites as they will be safely rendered in the remote browser session.  One customer mentioned that this will greatly reduce their help desk tickets.


To see a demo of RBI, or test it out in your environment, please contact your Netskope Sales Engineer.

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