CRL Checking with Pre-Login Tunnel

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Hi Everyone, 

Am wanting to enable CRL Checking of device certificate for Pre-Login tunnel. 


I want to ensure the CRL in the certificate of the connecting NPA client will be available for verification but I'm unsure of the source doing the verification. The docs are not detailed enough.


Where will the CRL Checking request originate? Will it be our management plane or the one of the many NPA Gateway's the client may connect to or some other component (eg. Stitcher)?


Thank you


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Please see

It is my understanding that the CRL request will originate from the management plane of your tenant.  The article above has a link to the support portal which provides the specific IP address(es) per management plane.  

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Thanks @sshiflett those IP's listed in the KB you posted are making requests. Just the info I needed!