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  • 8 April 2024
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Hi Netskope family, 

i’m testing differents options to integrate the users un policies (such SCIM, AD, etc) and i have a question realted with OU’s and groups from the on-premise AD.

I have configured an on-premise AD and i have integrated the groups and the OU’s in real time protection policy (and it works fine) but my question is, do you know if exist any method to delete from the Netskope tenant the OU’s and groups?


Its easy to implement them, using Netskope Adapters tool (installing the tool into the AD), but i didnt found any method to delete the AD, OUs and groups from the tenant. 

Do you know if you can do throught the API? 

To clarify, i want to delete the AD that i have installed, from the Netskope tenant. Is it possible?


Thanks in advance!

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I am afraid it is not possible. 

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When importing groups from external sources like SCIM or AD, deletion requests to Netskope should similarly originate from these external sources. There won't be an option to delete the group directly from the tenant.

In essence, deleting groups from SCIM or AD will trigger delete requests that automatically remove them from our end.

If you specifically need to delete a group solely from the Netskope tenant, Netskope support can assist you in clearing all your groups and users. However, they won't facilitate selective group deletions.


Dear all, 


Thanks for your answers!

I opened a ticket since a month ago (more or less) and they are still trying to delete the OU.

As @ejang said, the only way to do that is through Netskope support…



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