Multi tags in NPA Apps with Terraform

  • 7 July 2023
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I would like to use multiple tags for private apps.

What would be the syntax here?

tags { tag_name = "TEST, TEST1, TEST3" } ?

I would be grateful for your help.



Best answer by sshiflett 7 July 2023, 18:17

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3 replies

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@mgoetz I just tested with Terraform and it works if you separate each tag into an its own element:






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Thank you very much for the answer. This looks very good. I will let the customer test and get back to you .... 😀

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@sshiflettĀ adding tag arguments as needed to the private application resource is an inefficient way of assigning tags to resources.Ā 
TheĀ tag_name attribute of the tag argument ideally should be updated to support the list(strings) type constraint. Then multiple tag values can be specified as a list of strings in the tfvars for the specific private application resource.

TheĀ 30-character limit imposed on the tag name attribute is also too restrictive IMO.Ā