Cloud Exchange Bad Gateway error

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Hi Im having similar issues as others are when launching CE UI portal.

I ran the ./setup but no luck. Changed the UID and GUID of the following folders to 1001 and ran the ./setup, but it keeps reverting back to 999


Any ideas please?

THanks Winder,



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99% of the time that people get the bad gateway error comes down to the Maintenance Password. Is this a new install? 
In new installs I have seen customers include special characters causing this problem. 

In upgrades or reinstalling Cloud Exchange I have seen customers give a different password than they used the first time installing CE. 


Reach out to me if you need help. 

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Hi Gary,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes this is a new install and there is no special characters included in the maintenance passwd. I have 2 servers built and documented the steps including the jwt token and maintenance passwd which is purely a 19 char sentence with all lowercase (would not accept more than 20 char)

I received a snipit of a support call by other customers from our local Netskope SE where they applied the following – which apparently fixed it.

  • chown 999:999 -R data/database-init
  • chmod 664 data/database-init/

and ran ./setup script.

I have tried that, but setup resets it back to default value.

 Happy to share my installation steps with you.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!



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Hi Gary, Thanks for the suggestion. As suggested, I deleted the ta dir and re-pulled the git and followed the bouncing ball from here:

Manage to login successfully. Will not carry out the necessary setup by adding the tenant and plugins.

Thanks once again for your assistance.

Highly appreciate it



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It should have read " Will now carry out the necessary setup...." My bad. 😄