Kill client's process or service without authorization

  • 13 April 2023
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Hello everyone, is it possible to control that a user closes the process or service associated with the Netskope client?
As far as I know, I can control a user to disable the client but this leaves the user the ability to kill the client process and thus navigate outside Netskope.


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2 replies

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Dudes, it is possible. The functionality is called "Client Self ProtectionDisabledDescription" and should be considered to be supported on Windows 10 operating systems onwards.


“The Netskope client self protection feature prevents the termination of the Netskope service and UI processes by administrative privileged users. The self protection also prevents the modification of the config files and the Netskope specific registry entries. This feature is supported in Windows 10+ OS only. It is not supported on Windows 7/8, Windows 10 arm64, or macOS.




Is there a way to restrict users from terminating processes on Linux and macOS devices?