Netskope and Nomad software cache 1E- Vendor

  • 15 February 2022
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Does the Netskope Agent update work with Nomad software cache 1E- Vendor?

2 replies

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Not something that we formally test, but it should be possible to do.

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As mkoyfman stated, it should work provided Nomad can deploy msi packages using msiexec switches that are required by the Netskope package.  I would encourage you to search for 'Deploy Netskope Client with SCCM' from the help page in the Netskope tenant to review the requirements to deploy the client.


Also, if you are going to have a software solution keep the Netskope client up to date, then you will need to go into the Netskope client configurations and turn off the auto update feature.  Have you considered allowing the Netskope clients perform autoupdates to the latest golden release?  This would allow the clients to autoupdate every third release while retaining backwards compatibility for up to two versions.