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Avoiding common issues to populate the Generative AI Dashboard



  • - Do the systems have an active access method?
    • Client
    • Tunnel
    • Etc.
  • - Are users actively steering the traffic?
    • SWG Steering
      • It is important to ensure that the “Generative AI” Category is no in the steering exceptions
    • CASB Steering
      • Applications must be steered explicitly in CASB mode, therefore, to gain visibility and control of Generative AI Applications that has an explicit App connector, you will need to include them in the desired steering configuration.
  • - Are you SSL Decrypting the traffic?
  • - Do you have IPS enabled in your tenant?


- Once you make the changes to the IPS settings, it takes about 4-min to start working

- I also had to clear my browser cache once after making the change

- You should be able to SSL inspection and apply the policy we created after the change

If you would like to better understand the key dependencies of gaining visibility and control of traffic through Netskope we have prepared a training the covers;

  • Introduction: “What are SSE and SASE?” ~ 3 minutes
  • Part-1: SASE/SSE Explained ~ 10 minutes
  • Part-2: Netskope Context & Where do we start? ~ 10 minutes
  • Part-3: Netskope NewEdge ~ 10 minutes
  • Part-4: Working with Netskope ~ 3 minutes

Netskope Fundamentals

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Excellent article, @jforrest 
Netskope can protect against any risk only if traffic is steered through Netskope  

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