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Next Gen APIs and a better way of doing Retro Scans


Context: Next Gen APIs and Retro Scans


If you haven't noticed yet Netskope is adding more and more apps to the Next Gen API Platform. One of the greatest advantage it comes with is - Decoupling of your ongoing scan policies from retro scans. New way to do retro scan is to create a Retro Scan Policy Group. Now you can add multiple API-Enabled Protection policies to a single retro scan policy set and scan entire group with click of a button. Definitely a better way to do the retro scans.


Retro scans are now separate from ongoing policies. In the classic version you need to select an existing policy and start Retro Scan for the respective supported SaaS app. This decoupling makes sipping through SkopeIT alerts more effective. You can start retro scans in set of policies instead of individually scanning API-Enabled Protection policies one by one.


Just keep in mind that you need to create that first time API-Enabled Protection policy and add to the next-gen retro scan policy (soon NS may add ability to select from existing policies so at this stage it may sound like redundant work since you already have a policy) but with just a click of one button you can now start scanning multiple policies essentially saving you time.


Here are some screenshots to elaborate the new functionality:


1. How to create a Retro Scan Policy Group


Next Gen RS1.png


2. How to start scan, add and delete API policies to the Retro Scan group


Next Gen RS2.png

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