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Charchar - Charissa Nolan, Vulnerability Analyst at Grand Canyon Education

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Hello All,

I am Charissa Nolan and I work in AZ for Grand Canyon Education. While my title may be pentesting and vulnerability management I am also the security engineer for our Netskope products. I have worked in 5 different IT departments and I have a BS in IT from GCU. I am excited to join this community and get to know others who work with Netskope daily.😃

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Welcome @CharChar!


Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself. You're in the right place, you'll meet a lot of Security and Network aficionados much like yourself. 😊


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We look forward to seeing you around the Community,

Chris Shernaman


Netskope Community

Welcome @CharChar! My family and I took a trip through AZ last fall and it was the absolute highlight of our pandemic year...what a beautiful state! We look forward to interacting more with you in the discussion forums. Happy posting!


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