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Greetings All,


Totally new to Netskope. Hopefully I find my feet and get to grips with the technology really quickly and will be relying on this community for assistance😁

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Welcome @cjreddi!


Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself. You're in the right place, this is great space for connecting with other security and network experts like yourself!


Here are a few items to follow to help you get up and running on the Netskope Community so you can personalize your experience and start participating fast:

  1. Check out our Community Resources to review guidelines and learn how to utilize the Community features.
  2. Join in our product Discussions, were you can find or share tips and best practices. You can also start new conversations and ask questions in these areas.
  3. Join a User Group to connect, learn, and share your expertise with other members near you.

Don't forget to subscribe to the boards you are most interested in so you don't miss out on anything!


We look forward to seeing you around the Community.

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