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Welcome from Pittsburgh!


Welcome everyone!


My Name is Paul Herrmann and I work at Optiv as a Senior Consultant for Netskope engagements where I consult on NPA, SWG, and CASB implementations.  I currently hold both NCSA & NCSI certifications from Netskope. Previously, I worked for Regions Bank as a CASB Engineer where I deployed Netskope's CASB & SWG. Before Regions, I worked at PNC Bank where I deployed Skyhigh's CASB (now MVision) back in 2018.  Looking forward to collaborating with all of you, very excited to see where SASE takes us, happy to be here!


First Certified Netskope Architect in the world!
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Welcome @PaulJHerrmann !


Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself. 


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We look forward to seeing you around the Community,

Chris Shernaman

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