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  • 7 November 2023
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When leveraging Advanced Analytics on your use cases, the existing dashboards in Netskope Library & Community are always good starting points. While you can find any dashboards you are interested in by searching particular keywords or tags, we strongly recommend checking our top dashboards below:


  • CASB Operationalization Dashboard: This dashboard helps you maximize the ROI of your Netskope investment by highlighting ways to ensure you are using Netskope to its full potential. The specific focus of this dashboard is operationalization of the CASB product.
  • Cloud Risk Assessment - QBR Dashboard (in Netskope Library): This dashboard provides a high-level overview of the risk assessment in your environment, including visibility into cloud traffic, cloud threats, high risk user activities, etc. It answers the question “how users and data have been protected by Netskope.”
  • AI Usage (in Netskope Library): AI has been a hot topic in many industries. Use this dashboard to visualize the usage of AI in your environment. E.g. top AI apps/sites being used, activities detected with AI apps, data flow with AI apps, etc. 

Please note that you will need to import/copy the dashboard to your folders before further customizing it. If you have questions regarding how to  import/copy a dashboard, please check our training video: Imports and Exports of Dashboards.

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