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Advanced Analytics Online Training Resources


Advanced Analytics is a powerful data platform that will help you develop a deeper understanding of what's happening in your cloud environment. We have a number of Advanced Analytics video training resources that are available to make it easy to learn new concepts, visualize cloud activity and apply the findings to your Netskope security policies.


Each week, I'll make updates to this post when new videos are released. Keep a bookmark on this post (Options->Bookmark) to learn more about Advanced Analytics.


Video 1: Quick Tour and Creating a Report from Explore

Video 2: Advanced Analytics: Overview of Popular Dashboards

Video 3: CISO Dashboard

Video 4: Introduction to Advanced Analytics - Part 1

Video 5: Introduction to Advanced Analytics - Part 2

Video 6: Migrating Existing Reports


Do you have requests for additional videos? Reply to this post and let me know.


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