March 2024 Office Hours Recap

  • 2 April 2024
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Hello Folks, 


Below you can find a recap of questions asked at the March office hours session and those sent in that we were not able to cover during the session. Feel free to comment and continue the discussion, as well as attend future sessions that can be found on the Community Events Calendar!


Q: How to better analyze and manage GPT traffic using Advanced Analytics?

A: We recommend starting with the AI Usage Dashboard in Netskope Library, which helps you understand how AI apps & sites (e.g. ChatGPT) are being used in your organization. You can also find an updated version of the AI Usage Dashboard in Netskope Community. This version provides additional visibility into App Instances, which helps you identify if your Corporate Instances are exposed with AI usage.


Q: How can we combine reports to see data being uploaded to risky applications and to understand their CCL?

A: The Application Risk Management Dashboard is a great starting point for this use case. The dashboard helps you better understand:

  • What apps are being used in your environment
  • Are any of them risky
  • Are there any risky activities & traffic with these apps


Q: What are the top common uses of Advanced Analytics?

A: Advanced Analytics are commonly used in 4 major dimensions:

  • Discover your environment & identify risk
  • Perform investigations on security issues
  • Operationalize
    • Ensure you’re using Netskope to its full potential
    • Ensure your controls on security issues are working effectively
  • Demonstrate value to your leadership
    • Understand how you and your team are protecting your environment
    • Understand how Netskope is protecting your organization


Q: Are there any dashboards I can use to communicate the value of Netskope with my leadership and to secure more budget?

A: Our CASB & NG-SWG Health Check Dashboards can help with this. They are the updated versions of our previous CASB & NG-SWG Operationalizations Dashboards, and will help you maximize the ROI of your Netskope investment by highlighting ways to ensure you are using Netskope to its full potential.


Q: I’m looking to create a custom report on user activities. Are there any existing dashboards I can start with?

A: To better understand user activities in your environment, the User/Organization Unit Summary Dashboard in Netskope Library is a great starting point. The dashboard will help you identify sensitive/risky activities performed by particular users in your organization. 


Q: I want to know more about industry benchmarks through Advanced Analytics.

A: The Industry Benchmarks Dashboard in Netskope Library provides a comparative analysis of Netskope operational metrics between your environment and industry peers. This blog will help you learn more about the topic.


Q: What are the differences between corporate/non-corporate instances and sanctioned/unsanctioned applications?

A: “Sanctioned/Unsanctioned” relates to SaaS applications that would have allowed access according to your corporate security policies. The point here is to "tag" applications as “Sanctioned/Unsanctioned.” If an application is tagged as “Unsanctioned,” it can be blocked by Netskope. 


“Corporate/Non-corporate” relates to Application Instance IDs. It is decided by identifying if the Instance ID contains your company name. Some cloud applications may have multiple instances at the same time. E.g., a corporate/enterprise Google Drive instance vs. a non-corporate/personal Google Drive instance.


Q: I want to know more about the risky activities with non-corporate instances in my environment. Is there a dashboard I can use?

A: Yes. The Insider Threat Dashboard in Netskope Library can help with this. The dashboard provides visibility into intentional risky activities (e.g., uploads to non-corporate instances) in your environment. 


Q: Are there any tutorials on the “filter” feature?

A: Yes. We have training videos regarding Dashboard Filters and Cross Filtering. The troubleshooting video Why is my filter not working can also help you better use this feature.

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