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  • 7 September 2021
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Hi, I am Joe Pingtella. Thank you for having me join the Netskope team. I wanted to share a little about myself before we meet together and individually.

So, from the beginning, I served in the Army a total of 8 years (years regular and 4 reserves). I was a bit on the wild side while in the Army and jumped out of planes for a living with the 82nd Airborne Division. While in the Army I learned how to scuba dive, so I have an advanced open water certification, which I have had since 1988.

I got out of the Army and went back home to San Diego, where I grew up. I a defense contractor as a Quality Assurance Apprentice, while going to school for engineering. During the ’90s in San Diego, the defense industry had a tough time and shuttered many doors. 

From there I moved to Austin, TX, and went to school for Computer Information Science and graduated with my bachelor’s from St. Edwards University while working at Motorola as a system administrator and then Resiliency Manager.

This started my journey on Business Resiliency. This journey has had many twists and turns, and the great journey so far has been fun and met many amazing people who I still call my friends.


On the personal details side

I live in the Dallas, TX region with my beautiful wife Jennifer

I have two daughters: Tatiana who is 24 and Sophie who is 22. Tatiana lives in Austin, TX, and is going to school, and Sophie is in the Air Force.

I cycle when I can

I like to cook, as I grew up in my Sicilian grandmother’s kitchen (I was always in trouble and the punishment was to help my grandmother in the kitchen).

I have a puppy Doberman who is almost 10 months her name is Spanx.

I recently purchased a home with my wife, and we will be moving into it October

We like to travel when it is possible

I enjoy being around people and making new friends

I am very personable and not afraid to have a conversation with someone, even just to say hello and meet them.


So, that is a little about me and looking forward to meeting everyone and having great success at Netskope.

3 replies

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Hi @jpingtella


Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself. It's really great to see more folks from Netskope join in from around the world! 


Join in our product Discussions, were you can provide some pro tips and best practices.


Do you have any frequently asked questions from customers? Post it to their respective boards or the Additional Discussion board! 


Also, check out and leverage our Groups & Events area, and if you know of any Netskope events coming up in your area make sure to post the announcement there so other Community members can register.


We look forward to seeing you around the Community!


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Hey Chris,

Thank you for reaching out to me. I would like participate and do what I can to educate our customers and internal folks.  My ask to you is some training on how to work within the system and application as this is very new to me. 

Please let me know if there are any training modules or classes I can attend.

Thank you again,


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That is really great to hear! Check out the Community Resources, the team and I will be building this out to include resources on how to participate and engage in the Community. Once we launch the new Community Groups & Events area we'll have plenty of ways for our associates to participate in User Groups and in-person/online events. In the mean time please explore the Community, connect with our members and if you can provide answers/resources/case studies to help them learn more about Netskope!