Weekly Netskope Community Round Up, May 15-23, 2023 🔥🎉👋

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Hi, everyone!  👋


I hope your week is starting off well!  A number of folks have graduations to attend and the weather here in Detroit, Michigan has turned from budding flowers to backyard grilling. I can’t wait to get my tan back!


We’re starting a new weekly post to roundup the latest content, upcoming events, top liked authors, and trending discussions.  Here’s a quick recap of what our Community team has been working on: 


  1. Our team is working on providing a Feedback button on the side of the Community page for users to easily access a page to let us know about any issues or ideas you have about the Community.  The feedback board is up and can be accessed here.
  2. Our team is working on the Netskope Fan Club group.  If you would like to be invited, please check out The Netskope Fan Club post for a $25 gift card and a chance at an Atari Lego set!
  3. Along with the Netskope Fan Club (which helps users dip their toe into advocacy), we are working with our Advocacy team to move the most engaged users into a more advanced advocacy program. We’re searching for a name for this elite group of advocates.  If you have any ideas on what you’d like to be called, instead of a Netskope Champion or MVP, please use the feedback board to give us your ideas. 


If you have any questions or need private help, please send @Rohit_Bhaskar  or me, @JulieB, a direct message using the Community or send us an email at community@netskope.com


Here comes your weekly roundup:

🗓 Upcoming events 🗓

  • Weekly SME workshops in 2023: schedule and recordings
    • In this post we share the global schedule for the first half of 2023. When you click any link in the schedule table, it will take you to the community event page, where you can either register for the upcoming event, or access the RECORDINGS OF PAST EVENTS
  • SASE Accreditation (EMEA)
  • Office Hours: Advanced Analytics (APAC)
  • Office Hours: Advanced Analytics (LATAM)
  • Enforce policies on Unmanaged Devices with Netskope Reverse Proxy (NAM)


📚 Congrats to being a Top Liked Authors 📚  / 🏆 Shout Outs 🏆

You can easily find this list on the right side of the Community homepage.  It lists out our Top Liked Authors over the last 30 days.  Congrats for making valuable contributions to help other users!


🗣️ Trending Discussions 🗣️


⛑ Posts that need solutions (help your fellow community members!) ⛑

🎙 Listen to our latest Podcasts 🎙

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The Security Visionaries podcast is a thought leadership venture in the networking and security space, profiling hand-selected senior security, technology, trust, and networking executives who are successfully navigating today’s changing networking/security landscape and helping to redefine the role of security and trust at their respective organizations.


17 APRIL, 2023

Bonus Episode 1: The Evolution of SD-WAN and Converged Networking and Security Principles

Mike sits down with Parag to discuss the convergence of networking and security teams, how SD-WAN helps the hybrid workforce, and simplifying the end user journey.


20 APRIL, 2023

Bonus Episode 2: The Magic Quadrant for SSE and Getting SASE Right

Mike and Steve discuss the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Security Service Edge (SSE), Netskope’s positioning, and how the current economic climate will impact the SASE journey.


I hope you find this roundup helpful. And as always, be safe and have fun! 🥳



Julie Brancik & Rohit Bhaskar




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Wow, that's a lot to take in in one go 😊 ... so much going on.
I can inform you that sun baths have also started here in UK too. BBQnA since a couple of months also. I come from Greece, but here in UK I feel that any temperature over 20° degrees Celcius (~70 F) is not needed 😄
Happy Summer!


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@fmastakas It may be a lot of content, but I hope you find it helpful.  Enjoy your summer! ☀