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Resolved! Struggling to Install Publsher on Centos 7 after Step 3

Quick Setup of SSH for Publisher prior to running on Centos 7Comamnd to build PublisherLink: Note: create another admin user in centos as when you run the pubisher command as it locks you out...

Enabling Netskope before login

Good afternoon all, So I've made some great progress on getting netskope to run so I can access all my network resources etc when it's up and running. However I've run into an issue when it comes to doing a remote Hybrid AD join. The application is p...

Resolved! Intune VPN support for Hybrid Azure AD join

Good afternoon all, I've got a slight issue and I'm wondering if anyone here can help me with this, I'm looking to set up a VPN connection so I can create an online hybrid azure AD join from Microsoft Endpoint. I need direct visibility of our on-prem...

Resolved! Private access on a server

Has anyone used Private access to tunnel in for services on servers, I know I can install it but if its not logged in as a user is there a way to get it to steer traffic still. I dont think this is possible without scripting in a login with a service...

bridge by New Contributor
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NPA Reporting dashboard

Facing challenges on the NPA report, not able to see how many active users are connected. Is there any options o create the dashboard for npa traffic

jspmsc by New Contributor II
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Straight Talk Series: Secure Cloud Collaboration

Businesses everywhere are facing the challenge of how to keep remote workers collaborative while also protecting their users and data. In this Straight Talk video, Netskope CISO, Lamont Orange discusses the importance of secure collaboration for toda...

shogrefe by Moderator
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Private Access - How to Upgrade the Publisher

Steps to Update Your NPA Publisher SSH into the Publisher you want to upgrade. On the Publisher option menu, select Upgrade, and then select 1 to initiate the upgrade. The upgrade should take around a minute. In the Netskope UI, go to Settings > Secu...

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scoleman by Netskope
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