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Netskope for Mobile - Rollout Approach

How to approach Netskope rollout on Mobile footprint? What tools will be required? What are the best practices? This post will cover an entire ecosystem and it's role for successful Mobile deployment.

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Netskope Private Access and Cloud Exchange running in Azure

Netskope Private Access and Cloud Exchange running in Azure Overview Using Netskope’s Private Access (NPA) can help secure workloads in Azure like deploying Netskope’s Cloud Exchange there. In this so...

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Netskope's Capabilities on Mobile Platforms

I am excited to start a series of posts covering Netskope for Mobile. This kick-off note will provide an overview of Netskope's capabilities on mobile platforms. In the upcoming posts, I will delve in...

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Netskope Administration for Departing Users

When a user announces their departure from the organization, it's crucial to implement stringent controls and checks to protect corporate data and resources. The user's account should immediately be p...

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Netskope Administration for Contractors & Third Parties

Contractors and third parties often require access to company resources to fulfill their tasks, yet they exist outside the organization's direct control and may not be fully aligned with the company's...

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Netskope Administration for Developers

While it is necessary to provide adequate security measures in your environment, it's important to be aware of the unique needs of your developers and coders. Their work often involves accessing and i...

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Introducing the new "Notification Portal" !!!

The new “Notification portal” provides customers an early access, easy to consume viewinto product changes coming in thenext Releaseand changes being released as part ofdynamic updatesthat are not par...

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Netskope Private Access for Windows Autopilot

This post will uncover how Netskope Private Access enables modern device management frameworks such as Windows Autopilot while ensuring secure least privilege connectivity to internal corporate resour...

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Managing Netskope Publishers in AWS using Terraform

For those that are new to Terraform let me start by explaining what amoduleis. The definition of a module is something along the lines of 1 or more .tf configuration files in the same directory. Based...

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Introducing the Netskope Terraform Provider

Great news, Netskope has released a Terraform Provider that I will be introducing here. Infrastructure as Code or IaC for short, allows customers to automate create, read, update and delete infrastruc...

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How-to configure SSO with Okta for Netskope Cloud Exchange

This article will cover how to configure Single-Sign-On (SSO) for the Netskope Cloud Exchange (CE) platform using Okta. This will allow you to manage administrator access to CE from purely within Okta...

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How-to configure SSO with Azure AD for Netskope Cloud Exchange

This article will cover how to configure Single-Sign-On (SSO) for the Netskope Cloud Exchange (CE) platform using Azure Active Directory (AAD). This will allow you to manage administrator access to CE...

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A Guide to Deploy Netskope Cloud Exchange

This guide will cover how to deploy and get started with Netskope Cloud Exchange: A platform that facilitates the sharing of information (such as IOCs, risk scores, and logs) between different securit...

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CVE-2021-44228 Log4Shell/LogJam Log4j zero-day

CVE-2021-44228 (Log4Shell or LogJam) is a recently discovered zero-day vulnerability in the ubiquitous Apache Log4j Java-based logging library. It was reported by the Alibaba Cloud Security team as an...

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A Real-World Look at AWS Best Practices: Logging

Continuing our blog series on AWS Best Practices, we just published: Although CloudTrail is a well-trodden subject for AW...

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Who Do You Trust? Challenges with OAuth Application Identity

We just published another blog related to application risk from OAuth applications:Who Do You Trust? Challenges with OAuth Application Identity. This complements the series of blogs regarding phishing...

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A Real-World Look at AWS Best Pratices: Networking

We just published Part 6 of our AWS Best Practices series, we look at networking configurations with NACLs and Security Groups with respect to inbound access from the Internet to RDP and SSH, as well ...

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The Revolving Ransomware Door

In the same week that we report on the emergence of the BlackMatter ransomware gang, the Ragnarok gang closes up shop.

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AWS Best Practices: Storage

In part 5 of our continuing series on AWS Best Practices, we cover real-world stats on storage, specifically public access on buckets and encryption of EBS volumes:

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New phishing attacks abusing OAuth authorization flows

We believe there will be an increasing trend in phishing and other attacks that abuse the OAuth protocol itself in order to gain advantages such as: obtaining OAuth session tokens which bypass MFA and...

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OAuth Client Application Risk

We recently publishedWho Do You Trust? OAuth Client Application Trends which looks at real-world trust of applications by users using Google Identity for authentication and approval. It highlights som...

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AWS Best Practices: IAM Policies and Password Policies

Continuing ourblog series on AWS Best Practices, we've published two additional blogs looking at real-world AWS environments and practices around IAM policies and password policies, along with easy st...

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