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Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

By: Netskope
Netskope Data Protection for Google Bard

As the AI wars heat up, Google is stepping up its game against OpenAI with the release of Bard. Google originally (early 2023) made it difficult for t read more..

By: Partner
Creat policy binario .exe

Is it possible to create a policy to block whatsapp .exe download?I created but I didn't succeed in the test.

By: Partner
Netskope integration with Unmanaged devices

Hello All,Looking for some help !!If we need to manage the traffic of unmanaged Devices like personal laptop , Tablets and mobile the usual proposed m read more..

By: Partner
IRM integration to restrict attaching sensitive documents via Whatsapp

Is there the possibility of integrating IRM with Netskope and being able to restrict what types of documents can be sent through WhatsApp according to read more..

By: Partner
Netskope Email DLP with Mimecast

Dear All@Community-TeamI tried to setup Netskope Email DLP with Mimecast, however it seems like the message has not successfully deliver to mimeca read more..

By: Netskope
DLP for All Web Traffic?

As a security architect or as a Netskope admin it is sometimes tempting to configure controls that are too broad. Especially when a tool's UI makes it read more..

By: Partner
Single Sing ON - SSO - UI with SAML Azure-AD

Single Sing On - SSO Tenant UI with SAML Azure-ADHello community Netskope, good afternoon.As always thanks for the support and collaboration.I have th read more..

By: Partner
Total integrations with Office 365 / Azure AD / Sharepoint / Outlook / OneDrive

Total integrations with Office 365 / Azure AD / Sharepoint / Outlook / OneDriveHi good afternoon, first of all thanks for the time and for the collabo read more..

By: New Contributor II

anyone else having issues or have a solution for E911 and compliance with the below requirements.

By: Netskope
Netskope Cloud Log Shipper Syslog Integration

Overview Cloud Exchange CLS’s Syslog forwarding gives you the ability to send Netskope Event, Alert, and WebTx messages to any Syslog server. Using th read more..

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