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Greetings Netskope Community!

Our Netskope culture is all about collaboration, innovation, and having fun! We believe that when we come together, amazing things can happen. We have a strong sense of community, and we’re not all business—we make sure to take some time to enjoy ourselves, celebrate special occasions, take part in team-building activities, and enjoy some great music.

To help keep that party going, we have created a special Spotify playlist just for our Netskope community, with favorite tracks chosen by Netskopers. Check it out and get ready to dance!

Do you have a favorite walk-on song? What "walk-on" song would you add to this playlist?


Scott Hogrefe

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New Contributor

One of my all-time favorites!

Todd Nilson | Clocktower Advisors

Hey Scott, 

Can't go wrong with either Zeppelin or Metallica for walk-on music. Here's a good one:

Metallica: Sad But True 


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