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Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

By: New Contributor
netskope mobile with microsoft defender

Good morningI need to install on my enterprise mobile devices the Netskope client.On these devices the Microsoft Defender client is installed with VPN read more..

DLP Regex Dictionary

Hello,Does anyone have an example in a Dictionary csv file to add to Netskope with keywords that you want to analyze?Thank you so much.

By: New Contributor
possible to DLP block PII sent via OneDrive or Gdrive app?

Dear community,I am working with SWG and DLP to avoid users uploading sensitive content on corporate Onedrive.All the client has netskope client enabl read more..

By: New Contributor III

Has anyone used the edm automation script that was talked about in conjunction with DLP 2.0? I've seen it referenced but i can't seem to find how to e read more..

By: New Contributor
Endpoint DLP suporting WIFI Printer

Hi Friends- can we utilize endpoint dlp in netskope to inspect/allow WIFI printers .

By: Partner
Telegram and Whatsapp for DLP Alerts

Hi,We have a real time policy to trigger alerts for any DLP violations for Chat Other IM Categories. We have however not been successful in getting a read more..

By: New Contributor
YouTube In Bytes Uploaded

We are just getting started with the Advanced Analytics and one of the 1st reports we were asked to run is Top Uploads for the past 7 days.Report ran read more..

By: Partner
DLP: PCI & PII tests failed on

Hi Team,We configured DLP for all categories with PCI and PII DLP. However,, DLP PCI and PII block tests are failed. Has a read more..

By: Moderator
Demo - Train Your Own Classifier

Chief Evangelist, Bob Gilbert, performs a live demo of Train Your Own Classifier, which is Netskope’s groundbreaking solution that puts the power of A read more..

By: Partner
DLP profiles for LATAM

Hello,We’re looking for some information regarding PII regulation profiles equivalent to GDPR but customized for the LATAM requirements or regulations read more..

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