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CID 1172 DisableIPSourceRouting

Hello, I'm looking at deploying a Microsoft group policy for CID 1172 which is : Status of the 'MSS - (DisableIPSourceRouting) IP source routing protection level (protects against packet spoofing)' setting. If I'm using a proxy to split http traffic ...

hexary by New Contributor
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How do I create policies with custom URL lists?

Netskope URL Lookup Tool is a handy tool when it comes to creating Netskope web policies or submit mis-categorization requests to Netskope team. This tool is accessible when Netskope client is enabled. From within ...

mmali by Netskope
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Block TeamViewer Using NGSWG

Netskope’s Secure Web Gateway supports HTTP/S traffic on any port. While Netskope’s Cloud Firewall can control any port and protocol, Secure Web Gateway customers may have use cases to block certain high risk apps that use non-HTTP/S ports and protoc...

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Netskope Web Security for Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu

We have been using Netskope for 3 years now and the journey started off with the CASB product. Since beginning of this year we started using the SWG product as well and honestly it has helped us to reduce the web security risks. Our environment has m...

[Getting Started] Best Practice Policies - Inline

The intention of this document is to level set on the base set of policies, policy grouping, and policy evaluation behavior that is generally applicable to all inline(CASB/NS-SWG) customers. We are also working on runbooks to accompany each of the po...

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 5.09.07 PM.png
jforrest by Netskope
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Resolved! SWG policies based on referer

Does any one know if there is a way to build Real time access policies based on the referer site? I have a use case where a user is using a web app and trying to upload a document to an S3 bucket and unfortunately it's not pulling any instance inform...

rfletcher by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Steering Configuration - Tunnel Mode

Since the upgrade to version 85, I started to notice it doesn't look as if cert pinned application exceptions recognize or apply tunnel exclusions any more. I'm opening a case with Support but I wanted to reach out here to see if anyone else experien...

rfletcher by New Contributor III
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Resolved! Powershell Interactive login's

Has anyone had any issues with interactive login's executed via powershell when behind the Netskope SWG?For example: when connecting to exchange online or any kind of Microsoft service via powershell you are typically prompted with a O365 login promp...

rfletcher by New Contributor III
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New to Netskope and wondering what SASE is?

SASE means Secure Access Service Edge, a term crafted by Gartner. SASE architecture delivers both “WAN capabilities” and “security” as a “cloud service” directly to the source (users, devices, IoT, etc.) without backhauling to enterprise data centers...

SkopeIT query bar: How find a query field name

The SkopeIT query bar is powerful tool to show filtered data. Sometimes it is a bit challenging to find the name of a field to be used in a query. E.g. we recently introduced a new SkopeIT field called "Netskope Pop". This field tells you, where the ...

juergen by Netskope
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Use Cases For Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)

In case you weren't aware, Netskope has been supporting RBI for several months now. With RBI, risky web pages are rendered in a remote browser and only the pixels (not the potentially malicious code) are sent down to the user's browser. I've deployed...

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