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Netskope cloud Firewall - doesn't allow ping ?


Hello Team,

We have enabled  Netskope cloud firewall feature for customer, and we are not able to ping google or yahoo we wanted to test few connection, when netskope is enable still wont be able to ping.


Please guide me here if Enable cloud firewall feature will it block ping by default, if yes then how can i enable it to ping google or websites on internet.

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Hi ZeeshanIshkay


Ping works with Netskope. Tunnels (GRE / IPSEC) are required. 


Below are the guidelines for configuration. I am connected to Netskope via GRE tunnels using a Cloud Security Connector of Maidenhead Bridge.


1) Create "Firewall App" - See file 01-ns-community-fw.png attached. 

2) Create "Real-time protection" -> Firewall Policy . See file 02-ns-community-fw.png attached.


Note 1: I prefer to place the Firewall Rules at the bottom because, in general, most of the traffic will hit web rules above and also for simplicity.

Note 2: My default action is to block Non-WebTraffic. For this reason, I need to create a specific firewall app and rule for all non-web ports/protocols I want to allow. 


Firewall is a very nice functionally and works very well. 


Enjoy firewalling.


Best regards,


Adrian Larsen

Cloud Security Connectors for Netskope

Maidenhead  Bridge. 








Adrian Larsen
Maidenhead Bridge
Cloud Security Connectors for Netskope
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Community Manager

Hi @ZeeshanIshkay  , Hope you're doing well. If @MHB_CSC  answers helps you on what you're looking. Please feel free to click the comment  "Accept as Solution". 🙂

Best Wishes
Rohit Bhaskar
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