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By: Netskope
Where are you on your ZTNA Journey

Hi community members! We are curious to hear where everyone is in their ZTNA journey, please fill out this quick survey or post your journey in the c read more..

By: Partner
HA Cloud Exchange

Hi community members!Is there a High Availability system for the Cloud Exchange module? Active/Active or Active/Standby? Is it on the roadmap?Thanks.

By: Netskope
SSL certs for Cloud Exchange using Let’s Encrypt

SSL certs for Cloud Exchange using Let’s Encrypt Requirements CloudExchange and underling Ubuntu server running Domain url already setup Setup steps read more..

By: Netskope
Can you send me all Netskope log data in Microsoft Sentinel?

If you work with Security Architects, SOC Engineer, or a SOC Analyst, all of them will tell you one thing “Send me ‘ALL’ the logs!” because their abil read more..

By: Netskope
Netskope Cloud Threat Exchange Trend Micro Vision One

Overview Cloud Exchange CTE’s integration with Trend Micro Vision One gives you the ability to bilaterally share indicators of compromise (IOCs) in th read more..

By: Netskope
Netskope Cloud Ticket Orchestrator and Microsoft Teams

Overview Cloud Exchange CTO’s integration with MS Teams gives you the ability to send Netskope Alert messages to MS Teams. Using the Microsoft Incomin read more..

By: Netskope
Netskope Cloud Risk Exchange and CrowdStrike ZTA

Overview Cloud Exchange CRE’s integration with CrowdStrike gives you the ability to change a device’s status from Managed to Unmanaged (or vice versa) read more..

By: Partner
Failed to install Netskope CRE plugin

Hi Team,The installation of the netskope CRE 1.0.0 plugin fails. Both the SCIM URL and SKIM Key should be fine, but I get the following error on click read more..

By: New Contributor III
Cloud Exchange not staying up / Bad Gateway

We have been having difficulties with Cloud Exchange not staying running consistently too.What we discovered is that Docker Web Exchange is not compat read more..

By: Partner
Integration Cloud Exchange

Is possible integrate Cloud Exchange (Log Shiper, Risk Exchange) with Cortex Palo alto?,what would be the range?how would it integrate?

By: New Contributor II
Cloud Exchange Docker containers failing to start upon reboot

I am running into a repeatable issue with mongodb and rabbitmq not starting upon reboot. Details Fresh install of Cloud Exchange 3.2 on Ubuntu 20.04 read more..


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